Premier Consulting Services For Prospective And Current Graduate Students


“When I was indecisive about whether I wanted to go to law school or business school, I remember Marc giving me the confidence and the courage to apply to JD-MBA programs across the country. As the application process can be intimidating, Marc helped to demystify the process, especially considering the lack of integration in many schools between the two programs. He wouldn’t let me settle for what were some of the “safer” options. During the ever-critical essay writing process, Marc pushed me to tell an authentic story – one that would differentiate me from other candidates seeking admission. Once I got into Northwestern’s JD-MBA program, Marc remained a vital resource throughout the recruiting process, helping me land a full-time job at a top law firm. He’s has also been a great advisor during the bar prep process, recommending a viable approach and additional resources. Marc was direct and told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. And I can credit much of my success in graduate school and beyond to his invaluable help.”

- Prentis Robinson III, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Kellogg School of Management JD/MBA  C/O 2019

“Once you make the decision to go to law school, the first step is deciding how to study for the LSAT. Marc not only informed me of my options, he actually gave me a $100 off referral code. He instructed me to take the LSAT earlier than I originally wanted to just so if I had to, I could take it again and still remain competitive for scholarship dollars. During the application process, Marc pushed me to dig deeper and tell a better story. Draft and draft he helped me to tell a vivid, persuasive, concise story that I believe was a major part of my multiple acceptances and scholarships. Luckily, Marc’s assistance didn’t stop there, he guided me through the difficult process of requesting additional funding and ultimately selecting a school. I can honestly say that had it not been for Marc I doubt i would’ve made it to law school.”

-Donte Jones, UNC School of Law, Class of 2021

“After receiving my bachelors, I knew I wanted to go to graduate school, but not just any graduate school, I wanted to attend an Ivy League institution. Teachers College at Columbia was an aspiration. As a first generation college graduate, getting accepted to Columbia University for graduate school was like winning the lotto. My high school counselor didn’t believe I could get accepted to Columbia as an undergrad and that weighed on my confidence. Marc knew my goals and believed they were attainable. He was not interested in the negative energy of the naysayers and doubters. Marc worked diligently with me to craft a story that was compelling and authentic and we unlocked things from my past that make me a better professional to this day. Marc helped me make my singular dream of attending Teachers College come true, but he also gave me perspective to continue to make new dreams and climb to new heights. Marc knew the how dedicated I was to getting in, and he was just as dedicated in making sure I did. He was the first person I called when I got the email, because I knew how much it meant to the both of us.”

- Oscar Pagoda, Teachers College, Columbia University, Class of 2015