“Quinn was a tremendous resource to me throughout the business school application process. Along the way he introduced me to professors, in my area of interest, at each of the schools I applied to.  These introductions were impactful as the conversations they catalyzed became the crux of my essay and interview content.  Quinn has remained a tremendous resource for me throughout the HBS experience as an editor of resumes, cover letters, and investment ideas.  I’d recommend Quinn to anyone that is seriously considering an MBA.”

- Quentin Grigsby, Harvard Business School, Class of 2020

“I would like to take a moment to offer a testimonial on behalf of Mr. Quinn Shelton. My first interaction with Mr. Shelton occurred in the summer of 2018 during my first visit to Boston, Massachusetts. I was there particularly to visit Harvard Business School as it remains still my top choice to pursue an MBA. Upon entering the grounds of HBS, I found myself lost in the vast collection of buildings and dispersed landmarks of the campus. The first person who came to my assistance was Mr. Shelton. As a student from a small undergraduate university, his assistance in the middle of my confusion and somewhat paralyzing awe of the University meant so much. I observed him to be a very open and warm individual who was eager not only to provide me with directions, but to go into extensive detail about his background, the culture of HBS, and application advice. 

Our correspondence continued long after my first trip to Boston. His continued assistance groomed my confidence to apply to the annual HBS summer event “Peak Weekend” I was accepted into this program and received a second opportunity to travel back to Boston that summer. I genuinely believe that I would have experienced a large psychological barrier in applying to and accepting an offer for this summer program at such a prestigious university if it had not been from my initial impression of HBS by Mr. Shelton. 

As I approach my upcoming Harvard 2+2 MBA applications, I am continually reminded of the helpful advice Mr. Shelton conveyed to me last summer. I am grateful for the personal insights he provided as well his contribution to the memorable visit I had to HBS.”

- Eric Waymon Taylor, Harvard Business School, Peek Weekend Participant