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Personal Statement, Diversity Statement & Essay Drafting and Cover Letter & Resume Review

Having a hard time getting started on your personal statement or diversity statement? Need a fresh pair of eyes to edit and revise your essays? Want assistance crafting your narrative and telling your unique story?

LSAT/ GMAT/ GRE Advice - LLM Guidance and Assistance

Trying to decide between a live course, online course, or one-on-one tutoring? Interested in weighing the pros and cons of each? Are you an international lawyer considering an LLM?

Interview Prep & Mock Interview Sessions

Feeling nervous about upcoming interviews? Want to gain confidence before interviewing for your dream job and know how to answer tough questions with ease?

Scholarships, Judicial Clerkships, Job Placement

Need funding? Trying to secure a clerkship with a Federal Judge? Curious about the best ways to leverage your networks and maximize your job offers? Want to know which firms are hiring and who to contact?

Recommendation Letter & Bar Admission Affidavit Requests

Interested in a template you can use for reaching out to professors and supervisors? Need help following up and getting your materials together on time?

Bar Prep Support

Looking to put together a personalized study plan? Want to know how to manage your time, expectations, and relationships during this time period? In need of self care strategies and daily motivation?