Resume & Cover Letter Revisions

“Ashley was such a help to me in my first year of law school. It felt like I had a secret weapon in my arsenal as she coached me through cover letter writing, resume creation, and creating study plans.”

  • Oyere Etta, Columbia Law School, Class of 2018

"After two years at Berkeley Law, I can definitely say that Ivy Grad Services was the best thing to happen to my legal career. Ashley broke down every single step of the application process -- from Resume to Cover Letter -- while simultaneously helping me develop a list of potential career options and contacts for me to reach out to during my job search. Outside of the previously mentioned 'application materials', Ashley's biggest impact was on my confidence. Receiving guidance from someone who genuinely cares about my success and future endeavors really made a difference for me in my job search. Her desire to see me reach my goals was palpable. I honestly cannot even imagine where I would be without Ashley and I would recommend that anyone looking for success both before, during, and after law school, work with Ashley & Ivy Grad Services"

  • Lindsey Ferguson, Berkeley School of Law, Class of 2019

“Ashley brings a fresh perspective to an old industry. I worked with Ashley on my resume and her input was invaluable. Not only is she detail-oriented, but she forces you to create a cohesive resume that showcases your talents. She helped me come up with a theme for my resume that would highlight my strengths. She also taught me how to review my resume from the employer’s point of view—a skill she learned from hiring incoming law clerks during her clerkship. Her method is bulletproof. I still get comments about how wonderful my resume is and how it set me apart from other candidates.”                                                                   

  • Josephine Amin, Loyola Law School, Class of 2017  

"I met Ashley during the 2018 National Black Law Student Association's (NBLSA) conference. After receiving information about Ivy Grad Services and hearing more about her career path, I was more than convinced to choose Ivy Grad Services as a career counseling investment.  Not only did Ashley revamp my resume and cover letter, she also conducted several mock interviews, which helped me verbalize my strengths, skills and accomplishments.  Because of Ivy Grad Services I can confidently say that I have improved my stock in the job market and have a clearer view of obtaining a career of interest.  More importantly, because of Ashley's encouragement and positivity the services bring out the best of people, which goes way beyond any job measures.”                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Joshua Gonzalez, Georgetown University Law Center, Class of 2020

"Ashley has assisted me through every step of my law school career.  I have continuously looked to Ashley for advice not only because she has been successful in her own endeavors, but she is extremely methodical and understands that the same path does not work for every person. Nonetheless, her advice continues to yield success for her clients. During my job search for 1L placement, Ashley was instrumental in making sure that my resume stood out and concisely articulated my strengths and relevant work experience.  I used the same resume format during my 2L job search and ultimately received various job offers. Thanks to Ashley’s assistance, I am confident that I will be as successful on the Bar exam as I have been throughout my law school career.”

  • Melody Godbolt, Howard University School of Law, Class of 2018

“Ashley was a phenomenal resource to have in preparation for my OCI interviews.  She tailored my resume and cover letter to highlight my strengths and she helped me create an excellent elevator pitch that set me apart from other candidates.  Because of Ashley and Ivy Grad Services, I am confident that I will effectively communicate to employers the unique skills I bring to their law firm.”

  • Jermel Singleton, fordham UNIVERSITY school OF LAW, class of 2022                                                                                        

judicial clerkship guidance

"Ashley has been an incredible resource when planning out my career path. As a teacher wanting to make a career change, Ashley helped me to think deeply about what I wanted to do and how to get there. Showing me the ivy grad services timetable for the clerkship application process was invaluable. Using her own personal experience as a clerk, ashley helped me to understand the functions of the office and guided me through the process of becoming an excellent law clerk candidate. She did not hesitate to reach out to people she knew in the field and connect me to them, and her network is very widespread. Federal clerkship applications can be daunting and overwhelming, but Ashley takes the time to let you know it is manageable and guides you to the best place you can be.”

  • Samantha Sigelakis-Minski, Brooklyn Law School, Class of 2019

Recommendation Letter Assistance

“As a nontraditional, first-generation prospective law student, the process of reaching out to professors several years after graduation can be intimidating. With Ashley’s assistance, implementing a letter of recommendation strategy to keep me organized, the process was less intimidating." 

  • Crystal N., University of Texas, Class of 2006  

Law School Admissions

"Ashley was the first person I asked to help me pick a reputable LSAT prep company and she advised me on best practices for letters of recommendation, law school info sessions, and outside scholarships. Ashley also introduced me to a network of people within the legal field which helped me to solidify my decision to apply to law school. I would recommend her, she is successful and does a great and detailed job with the advice she gives."                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Marvellous Iheukwumere, Harvard Law School, Class of 2021

"I first met Ashley a few months before attending Columbia Law School. We started chatting at an admitted students event and without asking, she made me aware of a competitive scholarship opportunity offered only to students who graduated from our same college. Although my application would have lowered her chances of receiving the scholarship she told me to apply anyway - that is just the kind of person she is. Her apparent willingness and desire to help students succeed both during and after law school, is what compelled me to seek her advice about law school exam preparation and summer job applications. Ashley is one of the few people who takes the time to be thorough and thoughtful in giving advice. Simple questions about how to outline in preparation for exams or how to ask professors to become recommenders, prompted from her a detailed several paragraph response, laying out step-by-step techniques, tips, and strategies. During my first year of law school, if any of my peers had questions about the job application process, I quickly referred them to Ashley. Her natural inclination to be as helpful as she can be to someone seeking her advice, and her high achieving track record make her an excellent consultant."                                                    

  • Anu Akinbamidele, Columbia Law School, Class of 2018

"Although I had done research on preparing for the LSAT and the law school admissions process throughout college, Ashley's first-hand advice and guidance was profoundly instrumental to my decision making process.  Whether she was discussing the study structures that helped her prepare for the LSAT, application tips for securing letters of recommendation early, or just seeing how she has developed her career post-law school, Ashley's commitment to helping those coming after her is remarkable."                                                            

  • Makeda Yohannes, Columbia University, Class of 2017

"As a prospective law school applicant, the process of applying to law school can feel intimidating. Thanks to Ashley however, I received first-hand advice from somebody who was not only accepted to several top law schools, but who has become incredibly successful in her legal career. Ashley provided me tailored advice on the best courses to take, the timeline she followed, and strategies on how to compile the strongest application. Further, she took the time to connect me with colleagues of hers with similar professional backgrounds to mine who have successfully transferred their talents to the legal field. Not only is Ashley incredibly approachable, but well-connected and knowledgeable. Reaching out to her was a great decision and has created a strong foundation for me to start from as I embark on the law school application process”                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Kayla Hug, Barnard College, Class of 2017 

"Ashley's candor and judgment were so helpful when I felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to go next. I had complete faith in the process because I knew it was one she lived herself and was successful in fulfilling. Although my legal interests were different than her own, the guidance she gave me was instrumental because she was so well-versed and had an intimate knowledge of the paths to success. I knew I could count on Ashley for assistance with all my questions and decisions. She was there for me and was unbelievably relatable, making the work together natural and comfortable; exactly what I needed. I came into this process too afraid to move forward, but succeeded with Ashley's help.”                                                             

  • Alagra Bass, University of Maryland School of Social Work, Class of 2017

"I sincerely thank Ashley for all of her assistance through the law school application process.  By selecting the full-service package, I was able to work with Ashley to draft an impressive personal statement, enhance my resume, and truly understand what it takes to get into law school.  Ashley was always so patient and understanding during the entire process.  I can't thank her enough."                                                                                  

  • Alexandria Taylor, University of Houston, Class of 2017

"Ashley's help in guiding me on the right path to law school can in no way be hyperbolized. Hailing from a family of no legal background whatsoever, I was desperate for the right guidance to the path of law school. When I reached out to Ashley she found the time to answer all of my questions and even create a packet which provided additional points of contact. Ashley is wonderful, extremely knowledgeable in the matter of legal studies, and a great resource for anyone interested in law. I thank her for her unyielding effort in assisting me in my preparation for law school."                                                                                                                              

  • Khari Climes, nyu school of professional studies, Class of 2020

"Ashley  is amazing! About a week before my  scheduled visit to Columbia, I emailed Ashley to see if she would be able to give me a tour of the campus and speak with me about her  experience as a black female law student at Columbia; we took off from there! Since that email, Ashley has been such a great help to me! She was so encouraging and helpful throughout my law school application  process. She even continued to check in and give me advice on programs I should apply to, while offering advice on things I should do to make the best law school decision. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, ashley!”                    

  • Courtney L. Howard, Cumberland School of Law, Class of 2021

"Working with Ashley throughout my entire law school application process has been absolutely outstanding.  Ashley was able to help me revise and perfect my resume, personal statement and diversity statement.  Not only did Ashley guide me through every step of creating a solid and noteworthy application, but she also provided me with valuable insight into which law schools I should consider applying for.  Because of her help, I have already been accepted to several top law schools.  One of the reasons I felt comfortable working with Ashley throughout this process was because I knew that she had been through the process herself.  She was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had and always provided me with honest responses.  Even after I submitted my applications, I was still able to reach out to Ashley with any new questions I had.  Ashley is a genuine and remarkable consultant to work with and there is no doubt in my mind that it is because of her guidance that I was able to create a memorable law school application."


Business School Admissions

"While I was going through the business school application process, Ashley put me in contact with and personally introduced me to students at top schools that I was applying to.  Prior to visiting these schools, I was able to connect with these students and get inside information about the interview process and what it was like day-to-day in each program.  From these connections I learned more about what to expect before my interviews.  Ashley even assisted me with weighing my options after I was accepted to all five business schools I applied to.”                                                                    

  • Tyler Simpson, Harvard Business School, Class of 2020

"Ashley has been an incredible resource when planning out my career path. As a teacher wanting to make a career change, Ashley helped me to think deeply about what I wanted to do and how to get there. Showing me the timetable for business school applications and helping me create a GMAT study plan kept me focused and confident that I was following the right path to achieve my goals. The plan paid off when I received a scholarship to attend Boston University's school of management. I am now well positioned to achieve the goals that I have set. Her advice and motivation helped make that happen.”                                                                          

  • Misha Kaufman, Boston University School of Management, Class of 2018     

Interviewing & Job Placement

"Entering the corporate law field can be daunting. From the Vault rankings, firm receptions, and practitioners panels - you are hit with various sources of information to parse through on top of your 1L classes. However, because Ashley guided me through this process, I can honestly say that I never felt lost. She taught me the importance of networking and following up. She helped me map out my 1L firm applications (resulting in summer offers before I finished my first semester exams). She also spoke candidly about her firm and academic experiences, providing clearer insight than any blog or panel. Simply put, Ashley is a role model and she has a natural ability to mentor. In the spring, I will graduate with academic honors after spending a semester studying in Oxford's Masters in Law and Finance program and, in the fall, I will start my clerkship. Ashley has been the key ingredient to my law school success.”                   

  • Lilybelle Davis, Columbia Law School, Class of 2018

"Ashley was a terrific resource during my on-campus interview and callbacks process.  Thanks to her very helpful advice, I was able to land interviews at several top law firms.  I am pleased to say that I will be working at my first-choice firm.”                                                                                                                                                          

  • Laura K., NYU School of law, Class of 2019

"Ashley is nothing short of incredible- along with being an inspiring individual, she has never hesitated to respond to my requests for help/advice with information and support, all which has gone above and beyond what I hoped for or expected. When I was lost whilst searching for legal internships, Ashley took the time to detail all the different steps I should take for success, which ultimately landed me a legal internship with a domestic violence victims legal organization that summer. Ashley is an incredible mentor and anyone who gets to cross paths with her is undeniably lucky.”                                                                                                                 

  • Ciara Keane, Columbia University, Class of 2018

"I’m so grateful to have had Ashley to advise me every step of the way through my 1L year. Being the first in my family to enter this field, I often felt the pressure of being in unchartered territory. Ashley always made herself available and has been a great resource for navigating a lot of the nuisances that arise in law school and particularly in the big law market. Ashley was influential in helping me to decide where to work for my 1L summer, urging me to examine factors to concentrate on in considering where I would want to work. And still, given all that she does, she is never too busy to take the time to check in, follow up, and see how things are going. Ashley is completely dedicated to helping students navigate new academic and professional spaces they are in, and thanks to her I successfully finished my 1L year and started my summer at my top firm choice.”                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • N’dea Hallett, Columbia Law School, Class of 2020

“Let’s just say, writing has never been something that I was necessarily good at.  I turned to Ashley when I was applying for a new position at my company because I knew she would not judge my resume or cover letter.  I was in a time crunch to get my materials updated and submitted for the job I was applying for, so I reached out to Ashley and without any hesitation she offered her services.  I sent her my documents and not only did she highlight key skills and experiences that would be impressive for my new role, she returned everything the same day.  After having Ashley revise my resume and cover letter, I felt confident in my application and excited for the new opportunity.  Ashley is a genius!”

  • alexis schecter, san Francisco state university, class of 2018

“I met Ashley at the 2019 SEO Career Fair. Ashley was so eloquent and confident. After hearing about the services she offered at Ivy Grads Services, I knew I had to work with her. She helped me with interview practice. Through Ashley, I was able to better articulate my strengths and skills and gained confidence. I can say that I am better prepared for interviewing than I was before because of Ashley.”

  • Doriane tchenga, university of Virginia school of law, class of 2021

"Ashley gives remarkable advice about interviews and recruiting, and was very patient with me as I went through the interview process. As someone who is introverted, I found her tips and tricks for networking to be invaluable, and now I am turning to her once again as I prepare to take the bar exam.”                                 

  • Kelly Holloway, Columbia Law School, Class of 2018

Bar Exam Preparation

"I reached out to Ashley when I was studying for the July 2017 bar exam.  She was incredibly helpful.  She provided me a list of exam tips that made the exam seem less daunting.  The bar covers a lot of material and studying for it often felt overwhelming.  However, Ashley broke it into component parts: providing advice on how to tackle each part of the exam and how to balance improving on my weaknesses while maintaining my strengths.  She took the time to talk to me when I had specific questions or needed to speak to someone about my performance. Ashley is a great resource.  She is diligent and grounded and very willing to give advice based on her own experiences.  I felt confident going into the bar and it was in no small part due to the advice I received from ashley.”                                                                                                                                                               

  • Lesedi Mbatha, Harvard Law School, Class of 2017 

"While studying  for the NY Bar I used the standard big test prep companies and was consistently disappointed. I was anxious and stressed because there seemed to be so much information to learn in so little time. I was in need of something else to supplement my study materials. Ashley was invaluable to me during this time. Ashley filled the gaping holes in my standard test prep. I heavily used her mini outlines and flashcards. The substantive materials were useful in synthesizing the information in a cognizable format. My bar prep would not have been the same without using these services.”                                                                                           

  • Taylor Allen, Harvard Law School, Class of 2017  

"I used one of the standard Bar Review courses, but I was not confident that the course aligned with my individualized learning style. That's where Ashley came along. She provided me with several comprehensive study materials that she created herself. Her materials synthesized a massive amount of information that I would have not been able to review in the short time period that I had to study for the Bar. Not only did she synthesize the material, but she created it in a way that made it digestible and easy to commit to memory. She was a great resource, and gave me invaluable advice about substantive and strategic aspects of studying and taking the bar. She was also helpful and encouraging throughout the entire duration of my exam preparation period, and even on the day of the exam. Ashley was an incredible resource and I absolutely would not have passed the Bar without her. I cannot recommend Ashley enough. The structure, organization, and substance of her approach to the Bar is impressive and undoubtedly effective.”                                                   

  • Stephanie Dorsey, Harvard Law School, Class of 2017

"After graduating from a good law school where I had been academically successful, I initially underestimated the study time necessary to prepare for the bar exam.  I had agreed to work while studying for the bar, and I quickly became overwhelmed and fell far behind my peers in exam readiness.  I knew Ashley had already passed the Bar Exam and reached out to her for some advice.  She helped me immensely, because instead of providing the standard assurance of 'you''ll be fine' that I had received from others, she helped me develop a strategic study plan.  With her advice, I focused on essay subjects that are more frequently tested, and really worked on learning the core principles rather than being overwhelmed by the occasional "exception to the rule" questions.  Ashley also provided me with examples of how I could organize what felt like an impossible amount of information into easier-to-memorize charts.  I am happy to report that I passed the bar exam with flying colors!”                                                                                                                                                    

  • Catherine Akenhead, George Washington Law School, Class of 2017

"Ashley was an instrumental part of my bar study experience.  Not only did she give pointed advice on study strategies, she also provided me with invaluable "attack" sheets, flashcards, and subject outlines that presented complicated concepts in a clear, straightforward, and memorable way.  In my final weeks of study, I relied almost exclusively on Ashley's materials rather than my bar prep course, and it made all the difference. I would not have successfully made it through the experience without Ashley's advice, guidance, and support.  I highly recommend Ivy Grad Services to anyone looking for advice and counseling for anything law school to bar exam study related -- Ashley has truly done (and excelled at) it all!"                                              

  • Olivia Chalos, Fordham Law School, Class of 2017 

"Ashley was very instrumental to my NY Bar Exam success. She sent me wonderful flashcards which helped me narrow in on what I needed to study. With the flashcards, it became much easier to internalize the information I needed to know for the exam. She also connected me with a great tutor who helped me improve my essay structure. Ashley would also check in on me to see how I was doing, offer additional suggestions, and most importantly, support. Studying for the bar can be very isolating and trying at times, but I always knew I had Ashley in my corner rooting for me along the way. I can’t thank her enough!”                              

  • Mma Afoaku, Northwestern School of Law, Class of 2017